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  Topic : [Problem]cant get express gateway to work at all!! New Topic
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From: GBR
Posted:4/9/2009 10:34:00 PM # 1
as topic says i cant get theis to work, this is what ive done, amybe im missing something, ive ran the updateer and found file .DFI i think , then enabled in BIOS , but everytime i try to bboot all i get is black sceen saying express gateway, then nothing, then i have to remove battery , to reset it back, i would appreciate a walk through with it, but i think ive been doing it right, also im on vista 64 bit ultimate, is that maybe a factir?, thanks

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From: United States
Posted:4/11/2009 10:36:00 AM # 2
In order to be of help we need specs on your rig.

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Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.A little knowledge can be dangerous
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From: United States
Posted:4/12/2009 9:56:00 PM # 3
Double check under BIOS -> Tools

Express Gate          [Enabled]
    Enter OS Timer  [10 Seconds]
    Reset User Data [10]

If that matches then also disconnect any external drives and go to BIOS->Advanced and make sure...

Marvell Storage Controller [DISabled]
Marvell SAS Controller [DISabled]

...then reboot to see if ExpressGate displays.

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From: United States
Posted:4/17/2009 3:18:00 AM # 4
what you need to do is this.
1. go to asus website and grab ASUS Express Gate SSD V1.1.1.2 for Windows 32/64bit XP & 32/64bit Vista. ST_ASUSEG00_512MB_v1.3.13.2_20081119.DFI.
2. run the updater in windows and when it ask for the dfi file, you want to point it to
3. after update is complete. reboot system.
4. let system fully boot into windows and do regular shutdown.
5. repeat step 4 like 2 times.
6. boot system up and express gate should show up.
7. if not, go into bios and load setup defaults and save changes.
8. reboot system and see if it works.

i had this problem and I did this on my p5e3 deluxe and it worked perfectly. your board and my board both have the sautered on expressgate chip so it should work unless your chip is bad.

Good Luck.

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