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  Topic : [Problem]Flashing Cursor at Boot New Topic
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Posted:12/7/2010 5:09:00 AM # 1
I am having an issue with a few computers. They are ASUS Vintage-PE1's with the P5S800-VM - Vintage Mother boards. I Run XP on them.

They were working fine, then upon startup, they failed to boot.
After Post, the Screen just has a blinking cursor in the top left side.
I have replaced the Battery, Updated the Bios and done lots of other fun stuff. It will not boot up off of the Windows CD either.

In the past, not being able to boot off the XP disk,  I just used Acronis Boot CD to Install the OS again. It then works for up to 3 Months before is occurs again.
If it was just one of them, I would say it was a bad motherboard and just recycle, but I have 3 that are behaving this way.
Thanks for any help with this issue:)

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Posted:12/13/2010 12:30:00 AM # 2

Hi K..

The issue is usually an inability to find a master boot record... 

Do you get a boot device choice if you tap F8 at power up... or go straignt to the safe mode menu... or still get just the blinking cursor..?

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