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  Topic : [Problem]Doesn't Install Internal High Definition Audio Bus New Topic
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From: Greece
Posted:8/10/2008 6:09:00 AM # 1
I have installed a new copy of Windows XP with SP 3, and I used the DVD I found in the package of mine P5K Premium m/b in order to install all the available drivers.
My PC doesn't use any external or internal Audio or Network Device and uses only the intergrated devices.
So, when the setup of all driver has finished have to unknown devices which "is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device". The to devices I found the error is 1) Packet Shceduler Miniport #3, and 2)  Internal High Definition Audio Bus.
At the I want to mention that I can hear without a problem from the speakers and the network doesn't seem to have any problem, but I don't understand what those devices are

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From: United States
Posted:8/11/2008 2:39:00 AM # 2
Make sure you run Windows Updates ... maybe they can install missing stuff.
Also if you have ATi video card make sure to install the drivers ... HDMI has functionality to pass audio thru the same connector.

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