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  Topic : [Feedback and Suggestion]P5K PC-8500 DDR2 compatible memory New Topic
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From: ROM
Posted:5/14/2009 6:29:00 PM # 1
I have a system on an Intel platform composed of: CPU E6600, mobo Asus P5K, 2GB of 800MHz DDR2, ATI HD 4870. I just swithed to Vista x64 and as you would already figured out looking at my specs the DDR2 RAM memory is just on le limit. I want to switch to 4 GB of memory on a dual-channel platform. I've looked through the 1066MHz DDR2 memory compatibility list in the Asus P5K user manual, but I can't find anywhere the memory modules listed there. I am very attracted to the 2x2GB PC-2 8500 GEIL EVO ONE memory but I couldn't find anywhere if there is a problem regarding the compatiility. Other memory modules I have in mind are these Mushkin memories or these ones. From Corsair I was thinking about these or these or these. Please tell me if you have experienced problems with the memories listed above, if not, what memory from the avovw would you recommend, but mostly I am interested in the GEIL memories.
Yhank you very much and I look forward for your answer!

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