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  Topic : [Problem]Enabling TPM in Bios New Topic
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Posted:10/23/2012 4:26:00 AM # 1
Hello everybody,

a few days ago i bought the ASUS TPM/FW3.19 Trusted Platform Module to use it with my P5E64 WS Evolution mainboard.
After fiddling around with the drivers, i managed my OS to recognize the module, reporting back its version information through the TPM API.

TPM 1.2 Version Info:
Chip Version:
Spec Level: 2
Errata Revision: 2
TPM Vendor ID: IFX
But once i tried to take ownership of it, it reports back an error message stating that the TPM is disabled.
An attempt to enabling it by software failed due to a bad physical presence value.
The attempt to change the physical presence value fails with an "not implemented" error.
Thus i conclude that i need to enable it via the bios and not the operating system.
Unfortunately my bios does not contain any option to enable it.
Therefore i decided to update my bios to the newest version available to my mainboard (according to
Sadly, even this version of the bios does not contain the required setting.

Now i am asking what did i oversee. Is there any key-press-combination that enables additional options in the bios? Is there another way to enable this module?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Posted:10/24/2012 1:06:00 AM # 2
Hi M.. 

Here is a link that 'may' be helpful...

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