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  Topic : [Problem]Motherboard intermittently does not pick up hard drive New Topic
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Posted:2/10/2011 9:31:00 AM # 1
Hi Trying to decide if I should return the motherboard to the shop as the warranty runs out within the next month. Wonder if any of you guys could give me some advice to help decide if this is a fault. 1 have 2 hardrives (1 is a SD hard drive)and 1 bluray disc all connected by sata. When booting the PC the motherboard does not consistently pick up the SD hard drive and will just display a message saying insert boot drive (Win 7 is installed on the SD hardrive) . I tried changing sata ports and the pc boots fairly consistently now but I still get the message on occasions. If I reboot it generally fixes the problem. Now the blu ray player is not always detected in Win 7. It is still displayed on the control panel but displays as a ATA device rather than blu ray player. If I go into the bios and reset to defaults and reboot, the blu-ray works correctly for a few reboots and the same happens again. Does this sound like the sata controller is faulty?? I have tried reinstalling the operating system. Moved from Raid to AHCI. I am getting anoyed with this. Plus the motherboard displays an error message saying the CPU fan is faulty. Even though this is working correct plus installed the latest BIOS.

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