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  Topic : [Problem]1 long, 3 short, beeps. No signal. New Topic
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From: USA
Posted:3/19/2009 9:49:00 AM # 1
Hey, I am new to these forums and I just signed up to see if you guys could help me out with a problem I've been having. You seem to be able to solve a lot of problems so lets see if anyone of you guys can help me with mine. I am not the brightest with computers though I know my way around them good enough to build them. So if its possible try not to use to many big words

About a month ago I swapped out my X1650 Pro for my Radon Sapphire X1900 GT. Ever since I did this, when I reboot my computer my monitor will get " No Signal ". The only way to get a signal again is to wait 3 or more hours.( Note it doesn't even show the bios ) Then it will work just fine again. This is what really confuses me. I have tried many things and so far nothing has worked. Hopefully you can give me some ideas to fix it other than buying something new because I am low on cash.

* I get 1 long beep and 3 short, and a couple seconds later another short beep.
Does anyone know what this error means? I heard it is memory but I am not positive. I have AMI BIOS

Somethings I tried to fix it that hasn't worked:

- First I thought it was drivers so I uninstalled all my drivers, used driver cleaners, and etc. With all my drivers gone I was still having the problem so I believe it wasn't drivers.
- Second I thought it might be something on the hard drive, so i completely unplugged the hard drive and i still can't get to the bios and no picture shows up.
- Third I thought it might be the monitor, so i tried my old CRT and I still didn't get a picture.
- Forth I thought maybe I don't have enough power (wattage wise), I tried unplugging everything except the ram, video card, processor, still no picture. *note the video card fan works, all the computer fans work, the LEDS, and everything seems to be getting power. I have a 500 WATT power supply.
- Fifth I thought the video card might be overheating, that would explain why I have to wait for 3+ hours before I can get a signal again. Though i checked the temp and it was about 50C warm but not burning, and I felt the video card to, to make sure there was no hot spots. None. *note I can use the computer for hours and hours of gaming with no problems or crashes. Just once i restart it won't turn back on for a couple hours.
-Sixth I thought there might be something wrong with the video card, I tried it with another computer and everything works fine on that computer. It even has a weaker power supply 450 WATT.
-Finally I thought it might not be compatible with my motherboard m2r32MVP. I looked around and saw other people using the video card with it just fine. Also, I thought i just try and update the bios and chipset though i am a noob and i am not positive how to do it. I heard you can really screw over your computer by messing with it though so i figured to leave it alone for now i don't want anymore problems.

I am really confused and sick of this problem. If anyone could give me some advice on what I should try next, or what I could do to fix my problem I would be very grateful.


- I tried clearing CMOS, and tried to drain the capacitors and remove the battery. Still no luck.

- I also tried different RAM in my computer and still no luck.
- I am 100% sure it is not drivers related.
- My graphics card takes 25AMPS my power supply has 29 AMPS to give out. ( )
- Note * I can put my and monitor into sleep, and my computer will start up just fine. It's just restarting and turning off and on my computer when it messes up. Also, putting my computer into sleep messes it up. I have to wait 3 hours when i put it into sleep to.

Putting it in short, I get 1 long beep, 3 short. My computer starts up, but it does not show picture. I believe that my problem is the video card with the motherboard or my RAM, although I am not sure. Any ideas please?

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From: CAN
Posted:8/19/2009 12:47:00 AM # 2
Hey I had the same issue and spent a lot of time troubleshooting. I checked the specs on my RAM and noticed the BIOS was not set to give it enough power. So I overclocked it slightly and I have not had the issue since *crosses fingers*
My guess is that randomly the RAM was not getting enough power so it was being recognized as faulty RAM.
Hope that helps.

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From: USA
Posted:8/19/2009 1:17:00 AM # 3
Judging by the post beep, it's either the video card going bad or the PSU is failing/too weak for the video card.  First I would download the newest non-beta video drivers and remove the current video drivers and then boot into safe mode and run driver sweeper to remove traces of old drivers.  Now boot back into safe mode and install the latest video drivers from the manufacturer website.

Some beep codes for AMI BIOS:
one short beep = VGA detected, quick boot disabled, no keyboard detected
one long + two short = no memory detected
one long + three short = no VGA detected
one long + four short = hardware component failure
one beep = keyboard controller error, refresh time error, no master drive detected
two long + two short = floppy controller failure
two long + four short = hardware component failure

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From: USA
Posted:8/19/2009 1:22:00 AM # 4
Also run THIS to get an idea of what size PSU you should be running.  Does the PSU have multiple +12v rails, or one large +12v rail?  Is each rail large enough for the video card minimum recommended amps on the +12v rail?

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From: United States
Posted:1/7/2010 1:46:00 AM # 5
Try setting the bios to allow it to up the cpu voltage on boot up.  It might bump it up a little at boot, but this has fixed random boot problems when the computer was cold.  But I'm oc'ing it anyway

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