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  Topic : [Sharing][Sharing] Windows Vista - ACPI/AWY0001 device driver & SoundMAX Audio driver (with CP) New Topic
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Posted:11/20/2008 4:03:00 AM # 1
Hello Everybody!!!

I've a M2N-SLI Deluxe MB and I have some problems with the Windows Vista SP1 (x86 or 32bit) and I find some solutions and I want to share with the comunity...

Well jump to the problems... And Solutions!!!!

1- Under Vista can´t find the Control Panel of SoundMAX, I trying a lot of drivers for the SoundMAX Sound Card onboard and then of 1000 instalations find a driver with a nice Control Panel wich recognizes all the conectors (the 6 jack´s 3.5mm and SPIDIF optical y digital output)

The driver is "SoundMAX Audio driver v61016270" the link is:

2- Under Vista then of the installation of all the drivers in the device manager appears an unknown device with characteristics "ACPI/AWY0001", I try a lot of "ACPI drivers" but without exit, finally find a solution in other forums with a driver for MSI mb (is in the servers of MSI but it´s a driver of AMD)

The Driver is "Vista_AMDAWAY" the lik is:

Maybe can be used for other models just try!

I hope that this info helps you!

Sorry for my English :)


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