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  Topic : [Problem]battery CR2032 New Topic
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From: Brazil
Posted:5/27/2009 12:19:00 AM # 1
Does the CR2032 battery of a motherboard can stop the boot? I am getting the vocal post message "system failed due to cpu overclocking" yet. I only see the XP screen when I press reset.

I bought a new battery from the GC brand. Does anyone know this brand? Is it a bad brand?

Can I solve this problem changing this battery to a better brand - Sony, Maxell, Panasonic for example?

Specs: A7V333 (Revision 2.0), Athlon XP 3000+ Barton 166 x 13, 2Gb ram (SPD), ATI 2600XT AGP, PCI board Highpoint RocketRAID 1520 with two HD sata WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA (500 GB) and ST3250310AS (250 GB) DVD Writer IDE LG 4167, Combo Samsung IDE SM-352F.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.

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