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  Topic : Forum Rules and Guidelines
Thomas & Friends
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Posted:6/3/2010 2:36:00 PM # 1

This is the Users' Open Forum, which is an open arena for technical discussions and finding solutions to your queries. Before posting your query, search the ASUS FAQ Site and ensure that no such similar topic has been previously discussed.


Please provide as much detail as possible about your query. If it is a hardware issue, please describe your PC components and their configuration. If it is software related, please outline the version of the conflicting software and the O/S used. If it is network based, please list the network connection status and settings. Remember to outline the problem with as much detail as possible including any messages displayed by the system. In doing so, you will increase the chance of getting a proper solution to your problem.


The Site Owner and Moderator reserve the right to delete, and/or ban messages from anyone who violates or breaches any of the rules below. Any continuing violation of the rules will result in to cancellation of membership. Sanctions can be applied discreetly without warning or advanced notice.




1. NO OBSCENE LANGUAGE or MATERIAL should be used in any part of ASUS Forum.


2. NO ADVERTISING/SPAM should be used in any part of ASUS Forum.


3. NO PERSONAL INSULTS or ATTACK should be used in any part of ASUS Forum.


4. NO TROLLING OR FLAME WARS should be used in any part of ASUS Forum.






7. ASUS Forum forbids any use of abusive behavior to any company, website, group or individual. Users can write to ASUS Customer Service Center about their issues relating to ASUS product quality and service. We have technical personnel to handle technical issues.


8. Although ASUS Forum is open for discussion, do not expect Site Owner or Moderator to serve you directly if you leave your e-mail address or personal details in the Forum. This is not a polite way of finding a solution, because no one should bear the responsibility of diagnosing issues for you. If your problem is technical related, please describe it in a Technical Inquiry Form, and it will be handled directly by ASUS personnel.


9. When writing a POST, do not use meaningless subject lines like 'Hi' ‘Hello' ‘Welcome', 'Help', 'Help me', 'Please help', 'Anyone there?', 'Pleaaaase'. Please use an appropriate title (short description of your issue) in your subject heading to allow easy navigation for you and other members.


10. Any signs of flame war shown in ASUS Forum are entirely the responsibility of individual ASUS Members and not of the Site Owner and Moderators. ASUS will take legal actions against those anonymous or known users who spread unconfirmed rumors on ASUS in ASUS Forum.


11. Please respect and support each Member in ASUS Forum. This will help create a pleasant and clean environment for all users.


12. ASUS Members should not post information related to cracked software or registry codes in ASUS Forum. This includes commercial software, games and music that have been protected under copyright by third-party vendors. Comments must be related to the topic posted. Any text related to commercial announcements will be removed when found. Members should avoid quoting entire contents from other locations without referencing the source location.


13. ASUS Members are restricted to use short replies without any additional information when replying to a thread. Examples are: 'same here', 'help me', 'me too', 'pleaaaase', 'http://...(a link)', 'I agree', 'I see', "+1", 'great','ok', 'shame', 'clap', 'see ya later', 'bye', 'thanks', etc.


If you have ASUS product related issues that requires immediate solution such as release of new BIOS or repair status, please write it on the Technical Inquiry Form.


Yours truly,

ASUS Web Team


ASUS Customer Service Center

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