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We'd like to thank Ghe for participating in ASUS Forum discussion and helping ASUS Members in solving their technical problems. His/her contribution and expertise have earned ASUS Members' affirmation and ASUS' honorable mention.
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From: TAIWAN, R.O.C.

Username HHC
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Signature 本討論區中並沒有華碩客服人員進駐,若您在討論區無法找到適切的答案,或是希望直接與華碩工程師對話時,請透過技術支援表單詢問。網址:
華碩「筆記型電腦」與「EEE PC」的使用者也可以透過線上即時交流系統(目前為測試中)與華碩工程師線上即時交流。網址:
服務時間:週一至週五(09:00 - 18:00)

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