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Signature for fuller detail - I am an Australian DSL-AC88U public tester volunteer but otherwise have no association to Asus. Forum contributions are purely my own opinions. New setup/stats: Asus DSL-AC88U /w Broadcom chipset running firmware v9.10.03 build441 - Internode Naked ADSL2+ unlimited data AU$69.99 monthly - Agile Ericsson DSLAM at Waymouth Adelaide CBD exchange (100/40 NBN from Dec 2017!) in South Australia with an estimated 1200m cable length from exchange to premises - shielded CAT6 cabling professionally wired from MDF to first in-line phone socket - shielded CAT6 cabling from RJ11 wall socket to RJ11 modem socket via Monster HDP 850G Power Center RJ11 surge protection - 3dB SNR "Annex A Very High Speed" line profile enabled on ISP end with stability adjustment disabled on modem end - PPPoE LLC - 19500kbps/1320kbps data sync rate and 20000kbps/1330kbps max sync rate from 21dB/14dB attenuation with low error counts and no DSL sync dropouts.

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