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Posted:3/27/2009 11:25:00 AM # 1
This thread is listed in the Elite Posts.

1.         Utility Download


[Soft]Where can I download the software utility of my mobile phone?


[Soft]How to install Java game via Handset Manager?


2.         Office  Mobile


[Soft]Does the excel documents created by Excel Mobile on PDA can be read by PC?


[Soft]Why my handheld mobile office device wouldn’t read and write the document created by office 2007?


[Soft]Why can't I open Excel file which is last modified from PC?


3.         ActiveSync


[Soft]How to make calendar ActiveSync the past appointment more than two weeks?


[Soft]Can P535 support Outlook 2007 with ActiveSync 4.2?


[Soft]I'm using ActiveSync 4.1.0. Why can't it synchronize with the E-mail with attachment size more than 30KB?


[Soft]How to let PDA use ActiveSync connect to Desk top/Note Book via Bluetooth?


[Soft][P525/A626/A686/A696]Why I failed to synchronize my computer and my Smartphone or PDA following the right instruction?


[Soft] [A626/A686/P525]Can the information of the contacts stored in SIM card be synchronized by the software of ActiveSync?


[Soft] [P505\P525]How do I recover the contact list quickly without copy the whole system or recover it by ActiveSync?


[Soft]I can successfully setting Remote Presenter, why can't I control the pages of the PowerPoint on my computer with Office 2007 installed by the control menu?


[Soft]How to synchronize PDA/Smart Phone with PC in Windows Vista system


[Soft]If we modify the same item on both PDA devices, what will happen when we synchronize?


[Soft]After synchronization, If the data of one device is modified, will the other one be changed accordingly?


[Soft]Does synchronize between PDA and PC means the data from PC will transfer to PDA?


[Soft]If I have set a POP3 Mail account on my Mobile Phone, can I still synchronize it with my computer with another Outlook Mail account?


[Spec] [P525]Can I synchronize the Outlook mail box of two computers with my phone?


4.         Program


[Soft]Why there is no Remote Desktop function in my P526?


[Soft]Should I re-install Power/Bluetooth hotfix after upgrade to V4.8.1 TH/SG/MS version?


[Spec]P535 clock time will jump to Pacific US time after year 2007


[Soft]Is there any application to allow me to copy the contacts on SIM card to device easily?


[Soft]Sometimes my Google calendar can not be synchronized. How to synchronize Google calendar successfully?


[Spec]How to set the function of Remote Presenter?


[Soft]What's Location Courier used for? How can I use it?


[Soft]How to launch XT9 input method to edit text on P527?


[Soft]Why couldn't I start conversation with MSN on my device?


[Soft]Can P735 support VoIP of Microsoft?


[Soft]How to solve no KKBox and QuickMark softwares in P535?


[Soft]Does P525 support pick up calls via Bluetooth for Skype 2.0?


[Spec]Does P750 support TMC function?


5.         GPRS&MMS settings


[Network]How to disconnect the GPRS connection?


[Network]GPRS and MMS parameter of China Mobile


6.         Wi-Fi


[Network]Why the WIFI turn off automatically?


[Network]Why I can’t set IP address, gate way & DNS manually in ASUS smart phone?


[Network]Why my phone can not get on the Internet by connecting with ADSL(PPPOE) via WI-FI?


7.         Internet sharing


[Network] [P525] Computer failed to access to the Internet via P525 with Windows Mobile6 OS by GPRS


[Network] [P525]Why can’t I successfully access to the Internet via China Mobile GPRS CMNET by connecting my computer with my smart phone?


8.         Launch website


[Network]Why my P565C can't login in while it can login in other website?


[Network]Why the blackberry connection interrupted after I launch IE or Windows Live?


[Network] [P525]Can I access to the internet by my P525 with Windows Mobile 5 operation system, while I am talking on it?


[Network]How to make computer connect to P535 via blue tooth to complete a Dial-up function?


[Network]Can P535 support WAP Push function?


[Network]I can browse the website through CMCC GPRS, but can't log on MSN. Why?


9.         System


[System]Auto Switch Settings sometimes doesn't work


[System]How can I terminate a process in M530w?


[System]After setting up letters as simple pin password, how can I type ABC characters when I was asked of the password?


[System]Why my unit couldn't be turned on, is it related to battery switch lost?


[System]How can I delete or edit the video taken on my mobile phone?


[System]The default size of the letters is small, how can I make it bigger?


[System] [P525/A626/A686/A696]I want the attachments of my Mail box received be saved in my SD card, what shall I do?


[System][P505]Reboot again and again, can’t load in OS


[System]After upgrade to WM6, device couldn't detect SIM card signal or PIN code entry confirm process is not so fast, how to solve?


[System]After upgrading to WM6, P535 will show 'Password is valid' after correct password has been entered


[System]How to backup WM5 device data before upgrading to WM6?


[System]How to configure event sound in the option of “Sounds & Notifications”?


[System]How to extend PDA backup duration?


[System]How to modify today's theme?


[System]What is PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2 code?


[System]Why does my phone show "No Service" on the screen?


10.     Bluetooth


[Spec]Why the place of Bluetooth headset icon changes on my P750 after upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.1?


[Spec]Why I can’t receive files via Bluetooth connection?


[Spec]Officially recommended Bluetooth headset list by ASUS


[Spec]How to connect Bluetooth with NB and how to use Remote presenter function?


[Spec]P525 compatible Bluetooth headset model


[Spec]How many Bluetooth Class are there? Maximum Voltage? Distance?


11.     Travelog


[Spec]How to set P750 "Travelog"?


[Spec]Why the time recorded by POI data in travelog was incorrect?


12.     GPS


[Spec]Will there be no navigation sound when P320(with PAPAGO R15) is charged by car charger?


[Spec]What's GPD1 mean? I find GPD X(X=1, 2, 3...) in GPS program port setting


[Spec] [PDA]How to solve P526 can't detect GPS signal and can't fix position


[Spec]Will my ASUS PDA/PDA phone cost more power if I connect an external GPS antenna with my PDA/PDA phone via GPS antenna connector?


[Spec]Why the CAMPASS function based on GPS function couldn’t work on my phone?


[Spec]Is there navigation key available when I play game on my device?


[Spec]How to update GPS catcher?


[Spec]How to update Satellite data through GPS Catcher function of P526


[Soft]How to use TomTom in P535?


[Soft]Why the history record of 'POI' in 'ASUS GO' can not be deleted?


13.     Mails account settings


[Spec]After I create a POP3 gmail account, I delete it in messaging. After reset, the account still exists. Why?


[Spec]How to setup a mail account by automation/manually setting?


[Spec]How to setup a mail account by automation/manually setting?


14.     LED


[Spec]Why the LED doesn’t turn to red?


[Spec]PDA phone LED blinking for events


[Spec]When I power on or reset P552w before entering today screen, the LED light blinking in blue, Why?


[Spec]Why my PDA phone LED signal lights turn to be green after a period of missing call warning red light blinking?


15.     AVRCP


[Spec]What is AVRCP? Does P535 support AVRCP Bluetooth control protocol?


[Spec]What is AVRCP?


[Spec]Can P525 support AVRCP? If user wish to use AVRCP besides Bluetooth headset support, does it also need Media Player to support?


16.     Storage cards


[Spec]What is the largest SD card that P320 can support so far?


[Spec]How many contacts could be stored on PDA phone?


[Spec]Sometimes when I re-start P320, the SD card which was previously in it can not be found when I tap File Explorer, how to solve this problem?


[Spec]How can I restore my data in micro SD card after being deleted by the operation of default settings?


[Spec]Which 2G SD Cards have been tested on P525?


[Spec]Whether "My Secrets Function" can encrypt files in Storage Card for Protection?


[System]How can I know the free space of Micro SD card in my Smartphone?


17.     Camera


[Spec]Can I take picture of myself using 0.3M Pixels front VGA camera?


[Spec]Why P525's camera doesn't support auto focus when taking pictures?


[Spec]How many different photo resolutions can be found on P525?


[Spec]Why can't I find digital zoom function in camera mode?


18.     Reset & Clean boot


[Spec]How to execute Clean boot on P series mobile phone


[Spec]How to hard reset P320?


[Spec]How to clean boot my Smartphone?


[Spec]How to clear nWay stopwatch and reset back to its original status?


[Spec]How to reset to P535 factory default mode (or clean boot)?


[System]How to make P526 OS return back to factory setting?


19.     SMS & MMS


[Spec]Did P750 and P527 pre-install backup software for backing up MMS?


[Spec]Where is P525's SMS stored in? SIM or Unit? Can I change the default route?


[Spec]What is the maximum size of MMS message I can send and receive?


[System]How can I forward/delete a short message in Windows Mobile 6.1?


20.     Calls


[Spec]Can P750 user enable video call during a voice call?


[Spec] [P526]When I dial the telephone number or a mobile phone number, my P526 shows 544-2**** or 1(390)85*****.Why it shows “()” and “-”? What can I do to change this problem?


[Spec]How to setting when you ring someone but he/she couldn't see your phone number?


[Spec]When I dial a number stored in my SIM card, it won’t display the receiver's name of this number. Why?


[Spec]How come the phone won't ring when I have incoming call?


[Spec]How come the "SIM card not ready yet" message will be shown on the screen as I turn on the phone and choose "phone book" option?


[Spec]Why can't I use Voice Commander function on P525 in German?


[System]Why can't I launch voice commander by pushing the OK button of my headset on P527?


21.     Phone memory


[Spec]How many contacts could be stored on PDA phone?


[Spec]I turn to "Start---Settings---System---Memory", and find the storage memory is about 80MB, which doesn’t match with P552w memory specifications (ROM is 256MB). What consumes the ROM?


22.     Others


[Spec]What's AADP(A2DP)?


[Spec]What is IMEI?


[Spec]Do H.264 format files be supported by mobile phones?


[Spec]can my unit support USSD phase II function?


[Spec]Why does P735 support sounds from both Speaker and Receiver when using Skype 2.2 (or later version) but P535 only supports sounds from Speaker?


[Spec][All]Can I use SDIO device after my PDA have installed SDHC patch?


[Spec]Do ASUS PDA support synchronization with PC without charging battery function?


[Spec]How come the unit turns off after a while even though the battery still has power?


[Spec]How to avoid PDA phone battery unable to be fully charged?


[Spec]Will the number '#' on virtual key affect the recognition result when key in as PIN code?


[Spec]Can P535 share one COM port resource to two application software


[Spec]How to listen to recorded file on PC?


[Spec]I want to listen to music with headset on my P525. But the Earphone port seems small. Which one is suitable for it?

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Posted:2/25/2011 11:15:00 AM # 2

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Posted:8/22/2012 8:22:00 PM # 4

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Posted:7/14/2013 2:27:00 PM # 6
None of these links work.

How come?

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